Has your email stopped working on your Android phone? If yes, there are many ways to solve the issue, we are offering the best possible solutions, contact us at +1-814-888-7245. But if you want to fix the issue, It is important to understand the cause of why email has stopped working on Android phones. In this microblog, we’ll learn the various causes of the email not working issue in Android.

Email Working Issue On Android Phone

Reasons For Email Not Working On Android phone

There are several reasons why your email not working on your Android phone. These are as under –

  • neither wifi nor the internet
  • Ineffective network or slow data
  • Update the Android software
  • Email app upgrade
  • inactive data plan
  • Storage problems

What Problems Do You Face When Email Has Stopped Working On Android Phone

If your email is not working on your Android. You will face various problems. Here are some issues –

  • Sending emails is either not possible or is stalling.
  • Your email cannot be opened or read.
  • Nothing new arrives in your inbox.
  • Email apps run incredibly slowly.
  • An error stating “Account not synced” appears.

Effective Ways To Solve The Email Not Working Issue On Android

The effective ways to solve the email not working problem are as under –

  • The primary step is to check the internet connectivity of your device
  • The second is to restart your device, with this basic problem of apps sorted.
  • The third is to update your email app, and always use the latest version of your mail app.
  • Fourth step, You may stop your email software from automatically syncing and alerting you to new emails by turning off automatic email sync with many email programs, including Gmail.
  • The fifth step is to check your email account settings.
  • The sixth is to check the storage of your device
  • Finally, if your email is still not working on your Android then rest your account completely.

For more detailed steps or further information, you can contact us at +1-814-888-7245, we are here 24 /7 to assist you, Our team of experienced professionals is ready to solve and answer your queries, Submit your query via form and get support immediately!

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